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Numanti Investment Partners is an independent financial firm that strives to be your investment partner of choice to tackle the changing landscape of global markets. Get the actionable intelligence you need to act with confidence every day, every week. We are here to help you.                      

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Market Analysis

Our mission, to provide you with top quality research and analysis in a timely manner. We bring economics and strategy together to deliver what you need when you need it.                    

Our different packages enable you to analyze the currency market with the help of expert opinions, so you can generate profitable trading decisions. We deliver, you act.

These packages include a mixture of forex research reports both based on macro perspectives and price action, along with market strategies , ideas and forecasts based on our propietary fair price value models. You will get these reports on a daily or weekly basis depending upon the kind of report that is to be released.

Do you seek to benefit from trading oportunities? To have a deeper understading on what is going you need real time commentary and analysis, and well visualized market data. We help you exactly with this to stay on top of the market.

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Our Area of Expertise

Get the know-how and expertise from Investment Banking analysts. Quality reports directly sent to your email. Every day, every week.

G10 Currencies

Price Action like you never saw it

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Macroeconomic models

Your Fundamental (Macroeconomic and International Trade) views taken to a whole new level.

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Strategies and market insights

Blending our price action and macroeconomic propietary models to provide you with trading strategies and ideas that keep you in touch with the market. 

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Special offer for newcomers…

As a new financial firm, we truly appreciate your trust in our efforts to provide the community with good and useful market intelligence. So we are giving our first 25 customers a special discount to appreciate your trust on us. All our services for our pioneers will be provided with a 50% discount in your monthly subscription. Forever. Because you trusted us.

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