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We’ve put together a team with different institutional backgrounds but with one mission.

To become a reliable source of market analysis and strategies for traders with different skill levels. So you can leverage in our expertise.

Get a better understanding of order flows, market sentiment, volatility, liquidity. We’ll help you to built a diverse portfolio with proper risk management techniques. Our focus is to let you be consistent on the long term. The outcome of this process, Capital preservation and  slowly growth. Anyone pointing to great, easy to get income, is simply lying.

Our knowledge, our best business card

Proper education , proper results

Series 3 – National Commodities Futures 

Series 34 – Retail Off-Exchange Forex

CFA – Level I

FINRA – Securities Industry Essentials

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Reuters Eikon

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If you subscribed to the Ultimate Plan, you will also enjoy the access to our Private Trading Desk Discord Server. Built a better understanding in a community with your same goals. Get in touch directly with our analyst on real time.

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