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Price Action Based Analysis

From our trading desk to your hands. Get rid of retail lagging indicators. Clean your charts. Get a deeper understanding of price behaviors. Understand the price movement as a function of available liquidity. Learn to discover where liquidity reside and take advantage of price inefficiencies. Understand when price is really moving because of selling or buying volume. Why liquidity shifts happens as a result of order-flow reversals. Why price discovery is critical.

Also you will get a daily technical screener which analyzes both momentum and trend, so you can select the pairs that most suit you trading style according to the current market conditions. No matter if you are a continuation or return to the mean trader, this tool will take your trading to the next level.

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Covered Pairs:  All Major Crosses

Get daily reports for your favorite pairs
Key liquidity levels to watch next day
Weekly reports with longer timeframe based analysis
Key economic events that introduce volatility
Ultimate Plan

Fundamental Analysis

From our investment research department to your hands. The performance of currency markets is systematically related to macroeconomic trends, both cyclical and secular. Knowing where we are exactly situated within the economic cycle can mean the difference between modest and expectacular returns.

Get access to robust and insightul research that is normally only available to institutional banks customers. We share with you the results of the aplication of our propietary Global Macro models, with the help of the research tools provided by Reuters ,Ransquawk and Quandl.

Get your perfect complement to back your technical analysis. Aim with confidence. We got your back.

Coming soon… our macro guys are still busy backtesting the models!
Get a deeply understanding of cycles within the economy
Understand Central Bank Balance Sheets and Sovereign Risk
Our focus, looking at monetary policy from the business cycle perspective
Trade flows and balance of payments, you won’t miss a thing
Ultimate Plan

Strategies and market insights

With the understanding of current macro conditions and price behavior on charts, trade ideas flow naturally as opportunities arise by the blending of both macro and price action models. Get those trade ideas backed by our intense analytical process. The why and when. Control your risk, maximise your gains.

Ultimate Plan

Numanti Investment Partners Trading Desk 

Enjoy the opportunity to discuss the trade ideas that are shared  both with fellow traders and our analysts. You gain access to the same server that we use internally in the firm, with different channels to comment anything that comes to your mind during the trading day. We know how lonely can trading be, so come with us and enjoy some time commenting about current price behaviors or the latest fundamental data release.  A community of professional traders, for professional traders. 


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  • Daily Price Action Analysis on your favorite pairs.
  • Price Action based Ideas for the next days.
  • Weekly Price Action Analysis Reports.
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  • Daily Price Action Analysis on your favorite pairs.
  • Price Action based Ideas for the next days.
  • Weekly Price Action Analysis Reports.
  • Reports coming directly from our trading desk
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